London Underground Infrastructure

Scoping And Feasibility

  • Signalling scope development
  • Production of feasibility studies
  • Production of signalling design specifications
  • Production of LU mandatory deficiencies reports

Scheme Design

  • Calculations, e.g. – Headways, Overlaps, Journey Time Capability, Overruns,Timing Sections, Signal Sighting Points, Power Requirements, etc…
  • Site Surveys
  • Signal Sighting
  • Development of Project Material Schedule to identify material requirements
  • Review of signalling standards and submission of concessions as required
  • Leading Initial Design and Critical Design Reviews

Detailed Design

  • Prepare, Check, Approve LU Signalling Designs in accordance with the Category ‘S’ process
  • Passenger Information / Signalling Interface Design
  • Signalling Control System Design

Pre-Commissioning Support

  • Production of Asset labelling order schedules
  • Provision of Traffic Circular entries
  • Revision of Master Records
  • Provision of Test Prints
  • Provision of Maintenance Prints
  • Provision of Commissioning Correlation
  • Provision of Asset Register update information

Commissioning Support

  • Design Representative on site
  • Support to Tester-in-Charge

Project Support

  • Signalling Design Estimating
  • Signalling Design Programme Production
  • Signalling Design Management
  • Management of interfaces with Project, Installation, Testers, Operations, Maintenance, Asset Engineer, Track, Power and others as required

End User Acceptance

  • Support to Assurance process
  • Operational Consultation/Acceptance
  • Maintenance Consultation/Acceptance